Support and treatment for adults is primarily suited for people with mental illness or who have associated levels of disturbance and psychosocial disabilities due to their illness or disorder. These individuals may already have a diagnosis of a mental health disorder or they may be requiring further information and exploration in order to understand their difficulties.

Most commonly adults with mental health difficulties will present with illnesses such as mood disorders (depression or bipolar affective), anxiety, schizophrenia, trauma, autism spectrum conditions, eating difficulties etc. Clients may also exhibit personality difficulties that may be impacting on their ability to successfully interact with others or manage their own emotions or behaviours.

Much of the time, adults with mental health difficulties may be experiencing a range of difficulties and can often meet criteria for more than one disorder. A lot of people often experience difficulties with substance use (such as alcohol, tobacco and illicit substances) that can further impact on the difficulties they may be experiencing and their perceived ability to cope.

Adult clients (aged sixteen and above) do not necessarily need to meet specific criteria or have a formal diagnosis to be recognised as someone who is struggling.

A clinical psychologist can:

  • Help with dealing with all mental health concerns and psychosocial difficulties
  • Provide support for individuals, as well as for those close to the individual that may also be suffering
  • Provide information to educate others in order to help enforce strategies and reduce potentially harmful triggers.